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Al Iman School

Fall 2020 Reopening Plan



Dear Parents

Assalamu Alaikum! I hope this email finds you in the best of health and iman. After reviewing the latest public health research on COVID-19 in children, considering expert insights on children’s education, and evaluating the operational constraints of the school’s facilities, Al Iman School has decided to take a tiered approach to the beginning of the school year this Fall inshallah. 

Pre-Kindergarten In accordance with public health research and guidelines, Al Iman School will offer pre-k five days a week using the normal model, with full-time and part-time options. 

Kindergarten through 3rd grade will start the school year using the hybrid model in which students in each grade will be grouped into two cohorts (A/B Schedule) and will attend in-person classes two days per week. All students will have a virtual-only option if they prefer not to attend in person. Friday will continue to be virtual for all students.


Fourth grade through 8th grade will start the school year using the virtual model in which all students will attend their daily classes from home on a computer. 


Please note that before-school and after-school care will not be available at this time for any grades. 


Al Iman School has decided to pursue this tiered approach for the following reasons: 

  • Recent public health research shows that younger children are notably less likely to transmit the COVID-19 virus than adults or older children. The research found that children below ten years of age are far less likely as adults to transmit coronavirus, and children ten years and older are just as likely as adults to transmit the virus. 
  • Pediatricians and education experts have largely expressed support for in-person education for young children. Early education is very important for young children, and this age group is less likely to benefit from virtual learning than older children. Though virtual learning may not be the optimal solution for every child, it allows Al Iman School to offer an Islamic education option for older children while addressing recent public health findings. 
  • Isolating in-person classes to the red brick building will greatly reduce the risk of transmission between the school and the broader community. KG through 3rd grades are located in the red brick building, allowing them to be contained within a single building with limited exposure to the ongoing activities in the white building. Fourth through 8th grades are located in the white building, and school and community leaders are continuing to develop strategies to gradually reestablish operations in this building. 

Al Iman School will reassess this approach inshallah the week of September 7th using the latest public health research, expert opinions, and parent feedback. 


We understand that many of you will have questions regarding this tiered approach. To clarify certain issues, we have created a list of FAQs that are linked here: Reopening FAQ's.



Farea Khan