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Parent Portrait

At Al-Iman School we believe that the relationship between school and home is of vital importance. Positive connections between parents and teachers have been shown to to improve children's academic achievement, social competencies and emotional well being.
At Al-Iman School we expect parents to focus on the following with their children:  


  • Instill the proper love for Allah, His Messenger, and the righteous predecessors through an Islamic upbringing (tarbiyah).
  • Offer an Islamic atmosphere for their children outside of school.
  • Serve as an example for proper Islamic practice and behavior.
  • Monitor their children’s activity on the internet and television to ensure it is Islamically appropriate.
  • Work with their children at home to enhance their learning in all subject matters.
  • Communicate with their children’s teachers when needed to improve their performance.
  • Offer their services at Al-Iman School.