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LogoStudents who are currently enrolled at Al-Iman School will need to go through the re-enrollment process to secure their seat for the next school year. Click below for details on the for re-enrollment process.

Re-enrollment will begin on January 4th via School Pro. All parents must login to School Pro (school code- 70848) and indicate if their child(ren) will/will not be returning for the upcoming school year.

Deadline for completion is January 19th- NO EXCEPTIONS!

All fees must be paid in full, by the assigned date, for a student's spot to be ‘reserved’. Any fees not paid will be assumed a decline by “no response” for your child’s seat. If this occurs, families will have to re-start the application process. Please note that all fees are non-refundable, however they will be credited towards the educational material fee. Fees will be debited with February tuition.

Total Re-enrollment Fees are outlined below:

One Child: $100 

Two Children: $200

Three and Above: $300

To guarantee a student’s spot, the first tuition installment must be paid by June 15th. If tuition is not paid by this deadline, the student will be considered a decline of admission by “no response” and their spot will be given to a new applicant. The second tuition payment will be deducted September 15th. 

For parents who re-enroll their children, then withdraw them due to unforeseen circumstances,  a written form must be filled out at the front office within 30 days of the first day of school to be eligible for a 100% refund of tuition fees. If notifying the office 15 days before the first day of school a 50% refund will be given of the total amount, after this date, no refund will be processed.