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The ASC is committed to providing strategic direction and financial stability to the school. Its mission and goals are to establish processes and policies that allow the School fulfill its vision and mission. In order to do so, the ASC works with the School Administration as a collaborative team. We are a focused based membership that allows each member to use their strengths to move the school forward through analytical decisions pertaining policy, procedures, by-laws, and strategy.

For all escalations to the ASC, please follow the guidelines established in the Student/Teacher Handbook

Position Name
Chairman Br. Firdos Pathan
Vice Chair Br. Wadah Sayed wsayyed@hotmail.com
Secretary Br. Vasim Barodawala vbarodawala.bnb@gmail.com
Financial Officer Br. Mahmoud Rasheed mmrashee@yahoo.com
Education Officer/COVID-10 Task Force Lead Sr. Maha Ali mahaali0214@gmail.com
Education Officer Sr. Deb McNichol DebMcNichol@hotmail.com
Technology Officer Br. Isaac Thompson thompsonisaacb@gmail.com
Special Projects Br. Seif Seif seif2600@gmail.com
Special Projects Br. Imran Aukhil imranaukhil@gmail.com


Latest Financial Documentation is below. This provides a high level view of the budget and impacts from COVID-19


2020-2021 Welcome

Assalam Walaikum Brothers and Sisters,

The ASC welcomes the families of Al Iman School to the 2020-2021 school year.

This will be a challenging year heading into new territory with the COVID-19 situation. Our Committee and Administration are committed to health and safety of our school community. We are also committed to provide the educational and islamic experience as best as the situation allows us. Please keep in mind that this year, we will be nimble as we deal with an evolving situation. In sha Allah, through patience and flexibility, we will be successful. 

We greatly appreciate the support, enthusiasm and the participation of our families. You have made sacrifices to be a part of our school community. You have taken on the honorable struggle to raise and educate the future of our Ummaah. May Allah give your families the best of this world and the best of the Hereafter. Ameen.

One of the key challenges for our time is the preservation of the Muslim identity. Our children are being exposed to so many experiences, behaviors, and actions that we would never have come across in our youth. Growing up in America, I can tell you first hand that the world has significantly changed. Each interaction and each minute we have with our children is far more precious now than ever before. We have to make the best of the opportunity provided to us by Allah, The Most Compassionate.

As the school year opens and we go forth, I humbly ask our families to take time to reflect on how we can strengthen the Muslim identity of our community. Starting with our children. We are very confident that the great character and brave iman of our staff will brighten the way for our children. We are also confident that our devoted families will continue to encourage and instill strong Muslim character in our children in the school and in our homes. We must differentiate ourselves with being an Islamic school and a strong Muslim Community. Let us make sure that the Sunnah and the Quran lead the way. In sha Allah, we will find success.

A key factor in successful students is the involvement of their parents in school activities. Take the opportunity to volunteer with the PTSO and to be an active member of our school.

The ASC is fully committed and supportive of the Administration, the Staff, the Students and the Parents. In sha Allah, we will strive with activities that reflect that. The ASC will provide monthly updates, upload financials and activities on the school site, and be available as needed. I strongly urge that every family feel free to let the Administration and the ASC know of positive ways we can make the school stronger and more efficient.

May Allah give us a successful year. May Allah strengthen our families. Ameen

Jazak Allah Khair

December 2020 Update:
The ASC has been working on the following activities since the beginning of the year:
1. Marketing Sub Committee focused on increasing enrollment. In particular, a brief assessment of enrollment drop showed impact from middle school enrollment being lower than expected. Partly due to COVID-19 (class approach & financials) and partly due to TMSA high school wait list, the middle school enrollment was lower than usual. The committee will be focused on driving up enrollment and showcasing the middle school. 
2. Financial Officer, Chair and School Manager have been working to obtain COVID-19 Stimulus and grants to support the impact to the school. 
3. COVID-19 Task Force was established and have been working with the school administration to review reopening approach and to support day-to-day management. 
Please see the attached financial information and the ASC December Meeting with Parents video. 
ASC is looking for the following skillsets to add to the ASC:
1. Grant Specialist
2. Marketing Specialist