Student Life » Uniforms


Uniform Vendors:

  1. Flynn O'Hara
  2. Lands End
  3. School Belles - NEW VENDOR. School code S2970

Students are expected to model proper examples of Islamic dress.

All Students KG-8th • Solid, loose fitting, navy blue pants

  • Males: Grades KG – 5th • Long or short sleeve, red uniform shirt with school emblem. (No white shirts)
  • Males: Grades 6th – 8th • Long or short sleeve, light blue uniform shirt with school emblem • PE uniform is optional on PE days – light blue PE shirt with school emblem and solid navy blue PE pants. (No navy blue shirts)
  • Optional Thobe:
    • Solid navy blue uniform thobe purchased from official vendor listed below.
  • Females: Grades KG – 2nd
    • Long or short sleeve red uniform shirt with school emblem (No white shirts)
  • Females: Grades 3rd – 5th
    • Long sleeve red uniform shirt (No white shirts)
    • Plaid jumper or red long sleeve polo dress with school emblem • Solid white or navy blue hijab
    • 3rd grade ONLY Optional: plain solid white or navy blue hijab
  • Females: Grades 6th – 8th 
    • Long sleeve light blue or white uniform shirt (No navy blue shirts)
    • Solid navy blue jumper with school emblem
    • Plain solid white, navy, or light blue hijab
    • PE uniform is optional on PE days: includes light blue PE shirt with school emblem, solid navy blue PE pants, and solid navy blue jumper (No navy blue  shirts)
    • Optional Abaya: Solid navy blue closed uniform abaya.
  • Uniform Do’s for all Students:
    • Females 3rd-8th Grade: Hijabs should be worn properly in a neat manner. When wearing the hijab all girls should cover their hairline and it is mandatory to wear an under piece. NO hair, neck or ears should be visible.
    • Solid black or white socks (the heel and toe may be a different color)
    • Solid black, white, dark brown, or navy blue shoes or sneakers on non-PE days. The sole and/or company logo may be another color, and shoe laces must be the same color as the shoes
    •  Shoes must be tied securely. Velcro shoe ties are recommended.
    • PE pants must not be tights or leggings. They must not have stripes or writing on them. There is no PE uniform for elementary
    • Indoor, elementary students may wear solid red or navy blue without hood fleece, cardigan, or sweater vest. No Jean jackets worn inside the school.
    • For winter (outdoors), any jacket without inappropriate “graffiti”
    • Clothing must be in good condition, without holes, neat, and clean • If a long sleeve shirt is worn under a short sleeve shirt, it must be of the same color
  • Uniform Don’ts for all Students:
    • No sandals, crocs, open-toe shoes, open-heel shoes, slides/mules, high-heeled shoes, high-heeled sneakers, shoes with wheels, blinking
    • No nail polish • No fake fingernails
    • No cologne or perfume • No pants tucked inside boots
    • No jewelry • No make-up
    • No apparel/accessories which has any national symbolization (except when authorized by a staff/faculty member for a specific school activity)
  • Dress Down Day Uniform Policy
    • Loose fitting pants allowed. No skinny jeans or
    • Boys ONLY: pants only. No skinny jeans/pants.
    • Pants must be able to pinch an inch of material at
      the thigh.
    • Girls shirts should reach the tips of their fingers.
    • No pants tucked inside boots.
    • No transparent clothing
    • No pajamas