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Uniform Vendors:

  1. Flynn O'Hara
  2. Lands End
  3. School Belles - NEW VENDOR. School code S2970
  4. EmbroidMe
  5. Magic Stitches 

Students are expected to model proper examples of Islamic dress.

All Students KG-8th • Solid, loose fitting, navy blue pants

  • Males: Grades KG – 5th • Long or short sleeve, red uniform shirt with school emblem. (No white shirts)
  • Males: Grades 6th – 8th • Long or short sleeve, light blue uniform shirt with school emblem • PE uniform is optional on PE days – light blue PE shirt with school emblem and solid navy blue PE pants. (No navy blue shirts)
  • Optional Thobe:
    • Solid navy blue uniform thobe purchased from official vendor listed below.
  • Females: Grades KG – 2nd
    • Long or short sleeve red uniform shirt with school emblem (No white shirts)
  • Females: Grades 3rd – 5th
    • Long sleeve red uniform shirt (No white shirts)
    • Plaid jumper or red long sleeve polo dress with school emblem • Solid white or navy blue hijab
    • 3rd grade ONLY Optional: plain solid white or navy blue hijab
  • Females: Grades 6th – 8th 
    • Long sleeve light blue or white uniform shirt (No navy blue shirts)
    • Solid navy blue jumper with school emblem
    • Plain solid white, navy, or light blue hijab
    • PE uniform is optional on PE days: includes light blue PE shirt with school emblem, solid navy blue PE pants, and solid navy blue jumper (No navy blue  shirts)
    • Optional Abaya: Solid navy blue closed uniform abaya.
  • Uniform Do’s for all Students:
    • Females 3rd-8th Grade: Hijabs should be worn properly in a neat manner. When wearing the hijab all girls should cover their hairline and it is mandatory to wear an under piece. NO hair, neck or ears should be visible.
    • Solid black or white socks (the heel and toe may be a different color)
    • Solid black, white, dark brown, or navy blue shoes or sneakers on non-PE days. The sole and/or company logo may be another color, and shoe laces must be the same color as the shoes
    •  Shoes must be tied securely. Velcro shoe ties are recommended.
    • PE pants must not be tights or leggings. They must not have stripes or writing on them. There is no PE uniform for elementary
    • Indoor, elementary students may wear solid red or navy blue without hood fleece, cardigan, or sweater vest. No Jean jackets worn inside the school.
    • For winter (outdoors), any jacket without inappropriate “graffiti”
    • Clothing must be in good condition, without holes, neat, and clean • If a long sleeve shirt is worn under a short sleeve shirt, it must be of the same color
  • Uniform Don’ts for all Students:
    • No sandals, crocs, open-toe shoes, open-heel shoes, slides/mules, high-heeled shoes, high-heeled sneakers, shoes with wheels, blinking
    • No nail polish • No fake fingernails
    • No cologne or perfume • No pants tucked inside boots
    • No jewelry • No make-up
    • No apparel/accessories which has any national symbolization (except when authorized by a staff/faculty member for a specific school activity)
  • Dress Down Day Uniform Policy
    • Loose fitting pants allowed. No skinny jeans or
    • Boys ONLY: pants only. No skinny jeans/pants.
    • Pants must be able to pinch an inch of material at
      the thigh.
    • Girls shirts should reach the tips of their fingers.
    • No pants tucked inside boots.
    • No transparent clothing
    • No pajamas

  • Al-Iman has partnered with EmbroidMe- Apex and Magic Stitches to assist families who would like to purchase the red or light blue polo shirts from vendors like Children's Place, Target, or Old Navy. They are available as options to embroider the school emblem on the polo shirts. Please remember, all polo shirts and jumpers must have the school emblem embroidered. Students who do not have the school emblem on their uniforms will receive a uniform infraction and follow the infraction process outlined in our policy handbook. 
    EmbroidMe- Apex
    Address: 441 W Williams St, Apex, NC 27502
    Magic Stitches - Crabtree Valley Mall in a kiosk downstairs across from Foot Locker