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About Me!

I am a dedicated Science teacher with over 10 years experience.  Growing up across a few different states and even Canada, I went into school and continued that, diversifying the location of my bachelor’s and Master’s to include Michigan, North Carolina, the UAE, and even Canada.  My educational background is in chemistry and chemical engineering and while working in research labs is an integral part of my experience, my passion, whether at university, high school, or middle school level is always in teaching.  I am just joining Al Iman School this year and am very excited and eager to offer students both my research and teaching background. 


One of the challenges I believe children face growing up is how to balance the Islamic side and the traditionally educational side.  Parents know these two should be integral to each other but providing that environment that affirms it to their children is so important.  My goal coming into to Al Iman School is to continue the great work and effort started in really building the starting platform for those future Islamic leaders.