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Elementary School

Providing a comprehensive yet relevant approach to learning is a priority to develop student achievement. Al Iman School instructs students based on standards that are challenging, applicable, and prepare our students for a successful future.
Below are the specific standards Al Iman School follows applicable for K-5 students.
North Carolina Common Core Standards:
Next Generation Standards
Bureau of Islamic and Arabic Education

The mission of the Islamic Studies program of the BIAE is to awaken in our new Muslim generation a love and understanding of ALLAH, His messengers and Islam. This love and understanding will be the foundation of their intellectual, emotional and spiritual life, providing thereby a sound basis for rational and reflective understanding of the people and the world around them. It aims to nurture an identity in each child as a confident and faithful American Muslim who understands his/her pivotal role as a contributing member of the Muslim community as well as of society at large. Upon elementary graduation from elementary school, students should be able to:

  • Recognize the basic beliefs of Islam: ( Shahadah and Tawheed, The Angels, The books, The Messengers, and the Day of Judgment).
  • Explain and be able to practice the basic worshiping rituals / Ibadat (Salat/Prayer, Zakat/Poor Due, Sawm/Fasting, Hajj/Pilgrimage).
  • Practice cleanliness in general and be able to make Wudu.
  • Be able to perform Salat in Arabic with understanding.
  • Recognize the pivotal role of the Quran in the lives of Muslims and humanity at large.
  • Know important parts of the sirah of Prophet Muhammad and recognize his significance to Muslims and the world.
  • Be able to recite, understand, and analyze simple verses and/or suras of the Quran.
  • Memorize some important chapters and selected verses from the Quran.
  • Be familiar with the sayings of Prophet Muhammad and memorize about twenty essential hadith.
  • Know the early Muslims and the early history of Islam.
  • Learn why and how to apply essential values (Responsibility, Honesty, Justice, Courage, Commitment, Respect, Appreciation, Generosity, Kindness, and Self-Discipline).
  • Know about other prophets and analyze their stories for important lessons.
  • Appreciate and emulate the virtuous character of the Prophet in their lives.
  • Be familiar with and memorize some daily Du’aa (supplications) and Adhkar (Device supplications).
  • Recognize and practice basic Islamic etiquettes (Bismillah, Alahmdulillah, Eating habits, respect for others, Islamic greeting and response, etc.).
Quranic Studies
    • Al Iman School has developed an in-house Quranic Studies Curriculum which follows the following strands:
      • Quran Memorization
      • Tafseer
      • Application to daily life
      • Vocabulary