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About Me

My name is Taroub Aamar and I am the Math teacher for Course II (7th grade math), and Course III (8th grade math). This is my ninth year at Al Iman School. This year will be different and may have its challenges, but I know if we work together, we will make it a great year.

I graduated from Kuwait University with degrees in Math and Teaching. I taught for a total of 11 years in Kuwait, 5 years in middle school and 6 years in high school. When I came to the United States, I took time off to raise my family and get acclimated to a new country. I then was able to get my NC licensure and resume my teaching career at Al-Iman.


 It is important we have a classroom community where everyone can learn and meet their potential. We will work and learn together like a family. Therefore, kindness and respect are very essential to understanding one another, even if we do not always agree.

Teaching creates change: turning something old into something new. Each year the content I teach my students might be the same, but their experience with the information, their understanding of the classwork, and their creating of new knowledge makes it feel like we are building something brand new. Teaching is about building relationships. I want my students to know that their success is not just about numbers and outcomes, but also about their growth. In the classroom, I want my students to know that I am there to help them reach all their goals and even get to new accomplishments they might not have imagined for themselves. 


As a teacher, it is my job to understand how to teach in a way that meets the needs of all my students. I have heard many students say they do not like math. I have seen many students get frustrated because they think math is hard. But I teach them how they can use math every day, so that they feel confident in their ability to do well. If a student does not understand a problem, I will explain it in as many ways necessary as it takes for them to understand. I will always make myself available to my students when they need me.


I set high expectations in my class for how I expect my students to behave and I have seen my students rise to the expectations, and sometimes exceed them. They need to treat their teachers and each other with respect. My most important goal is to create a classroom where students are respectful of one another and feel respected. Students must feel safe in the classroom. I want all my students to feel comfortable raising their hand and asking any question they may have. I believe that every student has the chance to succeed and that they can choose to succeed. And when students accomplish their goals, I celebrate success.